License: HHA203340961


Home Nursing Aide Therapy/MSW

Exclusive Services, Inc. supports the theory  of the healing benefits for patients receiving, and being treated in the comfort of their own residences. Most patients who meet the criteria for home health care, including the homebound status, can be treated cost-effectively while achieving psychological, emotional and clinical benefits of in-home treatments.

Nursing Skilled Services

Our nurses are at your side 24 hours a day, seven days a week, always ON-CALL.

Our staff of nurses have been selected through profound screening to meet the high standards of quality care required for our Agency, and new demands of the continuing changing world of the medical field. They are required to attend continuing educational, in services to stay up-to-date with the latest discoveries, regulations, and treatments in our industry.

Exclusive Services, Inc. strives to maintain a qualified team, willing to help meet the goals of each Patient's Plan of Treatment. Thus, in selecting our staff we look not only for professionalism, trajectory, experience,  and technical abilities, but just as important, we seek to find nurses who interact with kindness and compassion, persons who love their profession, and demonstrate a willingness to achieve the goals of each patient.

Registered Nurses Licensed Practical Nurses

Skilled Services

Our Commitment to Recovery, Safety and Compassion are reflected in our care and in the Rehabilitation of the patients we serve.

Diabetic Management

Wound Care Management

Cardiac/Respiratory Care

Post  Surgery Care, Chronic Disease support, training

Nutritional therapy, Dietary instructions, supervision

Disease, treatment, equipment use,  teaching and instructions

Skilled Services

Safety Measures observed and Universal Precautions encouraged

Medication Regimen maintained, full patient training in use, action, side effects

High Tech Nurses, Infusion and IV Therapy

Fall Prevention, Pain Management care and plan

Psychiatric Nurse, Behavior Nursing Care